About Us

Real Virtual Media is a real estate photography company featuring the work of Judson Brady

Judson Brady

We have three main goals.

The first goal is to add value to the properties photographed.  As a real estate agents job is to add more value to a property than the homeowner could, our job is to show the property in the best light possible.  This will help you sell the property faster and for higher amount.

Our second goal is to provide the highest quality of photography and editing possible. This is achieved by using up to date camera gear and editing methods.  Years of experience photographing and editing architecture doesn’t hurt either.

Our third goal, and our most important, is to give personal service to our clients.  We use a lot of technology, but we are not a technology company.  We are a photography service company with an emphasis on service.  There are a lot of virtual tour providers, but not many that provide excellent photography AND excellent service.  We thank you for giving us a try and look forward to working with you.